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Le Front patriotique reproche à la France de s'être trop impliquée aux côtés de l'armée gouvernementale, notamment en lui fournissant depuis des années armes et logistiques

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Poivre d'Arvor, Patrick
Jacquemin, Marine
Nakad, Nahida
Faucon, RĂ©gis
26 mai 1994
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Journal de 20 heures
Le Front patriotique reproche à la France de s'être trop impliquée aux côtés de l'armée gouvernementale, notamment en lui fournissant depuis des années armes et logistiques
Les accusations contre la politique française au Rwanda sont en effet sévères.
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Transcription d'une émission de télévision
- In Rwanda, the Patriotic Front is said to have agreed today to discuss a truce with the government troops. A decision announced as rebel forces continue their offensive against Kigali.
- In a hospital in Kigali, the poor, sick and often injured people are certainly the last inhabitants in this city where everything now breathes death. After the capture of the airport and the Kanombe military camp, the government troops are somewhat routed. They also evacuate their wounded.
- The only hospital that is still functioning, that of the Red Cross, is the target of shells. As if the belligerents wanted to scare away the last witnesses.
- The Patriotic Front opposes the participation of French soldiers in the United Nations mission in Rwanda: it blames France for being too involved with the government army, in particular by providing it with weapons and logistics for years.
- The accusations against French policy in Rwanda are indeed severe: according to its detractors, France sided too soon with the majority Hutu government against the Tutsi opposition. In October 1990, France intervened militarily to prevent the Tutsi rebels of the Rwandan Patriotic Front from seizing Kigali, the capital. President Habyarimana, a personal friend of François Mitterrand, benefited for four years from support deemed to be excessive. Last April, after the assassination of Juvénal Habyarimana in an attack on his plane, his family was immediately evacuated to Paris. The French Ambassador and French soldiers leave the country, leaving moderate government officials behind, who were reportedly massacred in the days that followed. France is also accused of having encouraged the flight of dignitaries responsible for Tutsi massacres.
- For Régis Faucon, specialist in international issues, "France has for too long supported, including militarily, a regime whose tribal policy we know. Yes also because in its African policy, France has too often accepted relatively few interlocutors. frequentable. And this, in the name of a certain continuity. It should also be known that Africa is really a continent apart where it is difficult to judge according to our criteria to us, Westerners. France, which has always boasted to be the main Western country still helping Africa massively economically, is ultimately reaping the poisoned fruits of decades of dubious relations. But Africa is the continent of all violence, there is even conflicts that we do not even talk about any more. But it is of course the scale of the abominable Rwandan massacre which once again cruelly highlights what we will modestly call the ambiguities of French policy".