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Georges Martres : « Étant guidés par des Tutsi, les rebelles provoquent inévitablement dans la majorité hutu du pays une réaction de défense tribale »

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Warning: this document expresses the ideology of the perpetrators of the genocide against the Tutsi or show tolerance towards it.

Sannier, Henri
Boisserie, Philippe
Brisset, Franck
13 octobre 1990
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Journal de 20 heures [3:06]
Georges Martres : « Étant guidés par des Tutsi, les rebelles provoquent inévitablement dans la majorité hutu du pays une réaction de défense tribale »
3 000 prisonniers croupissent officiellement dans les prisons de Kigali, sans motif pour la plupart.
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Journal télévisé
- Apparently fighting continues between the army and the rebels of the Patriotic Front. Since October 1, rebel forces from Uganda have invaded the north of the country.
- This man probably claims that he is not a rebel but no one understands his language. By way of prisoners, the Rwandan authorities only succeeded in presenting to the international press about twenty Ugandans. The few who speak English take out a passport, a work permit, explain that they have nothing to do with these weapons exhibited a little further on. A soldier films the scene to prove no doubt that they were able to express themselves freely.
- Meanwhile, 3,000 other prisoners are officially languishing in Kigali prisons, most of them without cause. A Rwandan wishes to testify anonymously: he claims to be Tutsi, the minority ethnic group. Information that is easy to verify since here the ethnicity appears on the identity card. The anonymous man: "I was grabbed, beaten, searched and threatened. I was taken to the stadium. There were a lot of people. There were no only Tutsi".
- The Tutsi are indeed considered as the instigators of the rebellion. Driven out of power 30 years ago, this minority then moved to neighboring countries. And the bloody tribal wars with the majority Hutu are not forgotten. Yet the rebels from Uganda claim to refuse any idea of ​​ethnic revenge.
- Georges Martres: "It is true that they have a political project of national unity but it is also true that being guided by Tutsis, they inevitably provoke in the Hutu majority of the country a reaction of tribal defense. Because of this, there is a very high risk that this reaction will lead to blind panic and that we will see excesses".
- Many here share this fear of a new tribal war. But in the immediate future, the main concern is to find something to eat. With the attackers holding the main import route, the shortage threatens to drag on. What a reminder that the country has known for a long time another war: that against hunger. Officially, 500 people have died since the beginning of the year. Not to mention AIDS, which already affects nearly 15% of the population. The country's motto, "Unity, peace, development", thus evokes today more than ever a dream impossible to realize.